Quotes - Swami Vivekananda

Posting some quotes, from Swami Vivekananda, received as a part of daily subscription from a site dedicated to spreading the word of Swami Vivekananda ji. Will keep posting more quotes from time to time.

"Work, but let not the action or the thought produce a deep impression on the mind."

"If you want to do anything evil, do it before the eyes of your superiors."

"By the grace of the Guru, a disciple becomes a pandit even without reading books."

"Each work has to pass through three stages--ridicule, opposition, and then acceptance.Every one who thinks ahead of their time is sure to be misunderstood. So opposition and persecution are welcome, only I have to be steady and pure and must have immense faith in God, and all these will vanish."
Letter to Ajit Singh, the Maharaja of Khetri. From USA: July 9, 1895.

"A true Christian is a true Hindu, and a true Hindu is a true Christian."

"There is neither sin nor virtue: there is only ignorance. By realization of non-duality, this ignorance is dispelled."

"The downfall of a religious sect begins from the day the worship of the rich enters into it."

"Truth is my God, the universe my country. I do not believe in duty. ... Duty is humbug. I am free, my bonds are cut; what care I where this body goes or does not go? You have helped me well right along. The Lord will reward you. I sought praise neither from India nor from America, nor do I seek such bubbles. I have a truth to teach, I, the child of God. And He that gave me the truth will send me fellow workers from the earth's bravest and best."
Letter to Alasinga Perumal. From USA: August 1895.

"I am not an exponent of any occult society, nor do I believe that good can come of such bodies. Truth stands on its own authority, and truth can bear the light of day."
Interview, October 23, 1895.

"Matter gets its existence from the presence of mind behind it. What we see is God percolating through nature."
Retreat given at the Thousand Island Park, USA. June 19, 1895.

"In the domain of true religion, book-learning has no right to enter."

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