eBooks for Free

Yes there are many books, novels, fables, short & long stories available on internet for free. You can download them on pdf or word formats. I have downloaded and read some of them.
Obviously it is not as easy or enjoyable to read them on your computer screen but still its better than not reading them at all.

Here are links for some of those sites that I bookmarked:

The Burgomeister's Books ( Novels; short stories; fiction and non-fiction; sci-fi, thrillers, romance, horror, literature. No search available, just a list of Titles)

Classic Short Stories (Dedicated to short story and light prose)

Aesop's Fables (Online collection of Fables along with the Moral of the Story)

221 Baker Street
(All of the Sherlock Holmes Novels)

Free Classic Audio Books
(The title is suggestive enough but I have some reservations about the quality of transcription)

Read Print ( An online library offering free books, poems, short stories. You can search by author or by title)

Full Books ( Not very well cataloged but thousands of books available)

Hope its of help. By the way the list is not according to any preference but just according to the list in my bookmarks.

Not to mention if any of you have some quality links please reply.

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NelsonPraveen said...

Very Useful links. the collection of links will definitely appeal to readers.