U.S. nuclear deal or early polls, India may learn soon



........ The government's non-communist coalition members, worried that inflation at a 13-year high could destroy their re-election chances in a snap poll, are pushing Singh to avoid a political confrontation and delay the deal.

But Singh is reluctant to publicly abandon a deal in which he has invested a lot of his personal reputation, giving rise to media speculation that he is now ready to sacrifice the Congress-led government with less than a year before polls.

"There is no doubt that the meeting is extremely crucial and we expect the Congress to formally announce its decision," said communist leader Nilotpal Basu.

Singh says the pact is vital to end India's long exclusion from global civilian nuclear trade, and Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee described it as the "most potent means" for achieving energy security for Asia's third-largest economy.

The communists claim the deal, which gives India access to U.S. nuclear fuel and technology, would damage India's independent foreign policy and security.

SNAP POLLS? ..........


And who will save India's foreign policy and security from the Bloody Communists and Terrorists? All these parties want to gain is all important Political Mileage.

With Oil fast becoming a very expensive commodity Power situation is going to worsen in coming years and our Ill willed politicians want to do nothing.

Wish we had a Strong Willed PM !!

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